Special Offerings

Middlefield Orchard offers seasonal and monthly CSA options for either fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and/or a combo of both fruit and vegetables for the 2015 season. Enrollment for these options is now open.

Thank you for a successful season and look forward to serve you during the upcoming season.

What's Happening

Orchard location 2274 State Hwy 166, Cooperstown, NY 13326 607-547-8212


    The Orchard opens on Saturday, June 27th, 2015.
Strawberries, raspberries and some early greens will be ready by then.

Crop Update: This is the first time in 14 seasons that we have experienced a substantial loss of the apple crop.

At the end of May 2015, the orchard experienced a weather condition (below freezing during a critical part of the fruiting period) that created a significant loss of the apple crop. It is not a total loss but still significant. This was recently recognized over the weekend. A professional came into the orchard today to confirm the failure mode.

There are sufficient apples to support our current CSA members, farmers market and some u-pick opportunities, however, the apples on the individual trees are not significant enough in quantity to go forward with the Rent-a-Tree program for the 2015 season.

Please accept our apology and any inconvenience this may have created for you.

crop failure

Pic of apple damage due to cold conditions during critical fruiting period.

CSA: FRESH FRUIT - FRESH VEGETABLES - Weekly pick-up at any of our markets or at the orchard. All LOCAL produce.

    CSA Customer comment:

"Our family has been fortunate to participate in the bountiful Middlefield Orchard CSA for the past two years as well as the winter CSA this year. I say to Willy (almost every time!), "wow, how generous you are and lucky we are!". For those interested in locally (and lovingly grown, because as most know farming is a labour of love) grown fruits, vegetables, honey (a favorite of our boys!), cheese and eggs the Middlefield Orchard CSA is a way to provide healthy food for your family while supporting our local farmers and region. All the produce and fruits are fresh, sweet and flavorful. Favorites of ours are the blueberries, rasberries and strawberries. Our family enjoys going out to the farm and hand-picking the raspberries, apples and pumpkins. Willy is always throwing in extra goodies as a surprise like his Asiago Bread, homemade apple butter or bread and butter pickles. Nate and I have done the math, and for the amount of produce and goods we receive it would be more than twice that at the store- and likely grown outside of our country and months old. You can bet we will be back for another summer and winter CSA again this year. Thank you Willy and the whole family at Middlefield Orchard for providing us with this opportunity again!" Nate and Suzanne Furman

You may sign-up for our seasonal CSA program by printing and filling out the contract form located on the bottom of the CSA page or pick up a contract at one of our markets. Click on the CSA button on the left hand navigational bar and scroll down to the bottom of the page.


Orchard in bloom.


Orchard and raspberry patch view.