Family Fun Activities

Corn Stalk Teepee & Hay Fort:

Many tears are shed by the little ones when parents tell them it is time to leave. Young children thoroughly enjoy playing in the corn stalk teepee and the hay Fort. Some parents even get upset when their little ones knock over hay bales. We think it is part of their childhood to be creative and enjoy their creativity. We only ask that those bales of hay be restored prior to leaving. It’s only hay!

Corn Stalk Teepee & Hay Fort

Haywagon Rides:

Enjoy a leisurely (a little bumpy) ride through the farm. See in real time where your produce originates along with our cultural practices. During the fall timeframe enjoy the changing and colorful landscape of this beautiful valley.

Pumpkin Patch Hunt:

Sometimes this is way more exciting than picking apples. Find the perfect pumpkin in a hay field where you can only find the pumpkin when you get real close to it. “Is this one better than the other one I just passed by or do I keep looking?” It’s a real hunt to find your pumpkin, especially in the tall hay. The attached picture is not the pumpkin patch. It’s only a small representative of pumpkins found in the pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin Patch Hunt

Meet the ‘Hay Family’

Meet the ‘Hay Family’:

This was the original Mister ‘Hay Man’ in 2011. In 2012 we introduced him to “Hay Woman”. Last year unfortunately, they left the premise temporarily. However, Mister ‘Hay Man’ and his family has joined the orchard once again. They are amazingly tall and very photogenic.

The Corn Maze:

Each and every corn maze is free. We attempt to create a challenging corn maze to those who enjoy a competitive outing. For those less adventurous or capable, a less challenging and shorter version is available. One visitor brought his drone to assist his family through and out of the maze. See his pic below.