Picking Schedules

Pick-Your-Own Schedule

Orchard is open 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday starting Friday, June 17th through the end of October. (Closed Sundays).

Apple Varieties and Ripening Schedule August 15th to October 31st

Ripening Eating Quality Cooking Applesauce Pie
Pristine Early August Spicy, mild acid to sweet Yes  Good Good
Redfree Mid-August Crispy, juicy, mild sub-acid
Dandee Red Mid-August Pleasingly tart/crisp
Zestar Late August Tangy sweet tart juicy/crisp Yes Good Good
Blondee Early September Sweet crunchy texture Yes Good
Galaxy Gala Early September Mild sweet/aromatic flavor Yes Best Good
Grand Gala Early September Mild sweet aromatic flavor Yes Best Good
Honeycrisp Mid-September Succulent/sweet/tart/crispy Yes Good Good
Macintosh Mid-September Sweet with tart tang Good
Golden Supreme Mid-September Sweet/great flavor Yes Best Good
Cortland Mid/Late Sept Sweet/hint of tartness/juicy Yes Good Best
Jonagold Late September Excellent sweet/hint of tart Good Good
Macoun Late September Extra sweet/mild tart taste Good Good
Royal Empire Late September Unique sweet tart taste Yes
Sept Wonder Fuji Late September Sweet/juicy/aromatic Yes Best Good
Red Delicious Late Sept/Early Oct Sweet/aromatic Good
Ultra Gold Mid-October Sweet delicious taste Yes Good Good
Shizuka Mid-October Mildly sweet/crispy Yes Good Good
Red Idared Mid-Late October Juicy/a bit of tart Yes Good
Braestar Late October Sweet tart flavor Yes Good Good
Cispin/Mutzu Late October Spicy sweet juicy crispy Yes Good Good
Myra Fuji Late October Sweet/juicy/aromatic Yes Best Good
Red Fuji Mid/Late October Sweet/juicy/aromatic Yes Best Good
Northern Spy Late October Juicy/sweetly tart Yes Best Best
Arkansas Black Late October Excellent keeper/hard Baking
Granny Smith Late October Mild flavor/tart Yes Good Good

Raspberry Varieties and Picking Schedule July 4th to October 31st.

Red Raspberry Varieties Ripening Schedule Shape Flavor Size Hardiness
Prelude End of June Round, conic, Excellent Medium to large Winter hardy
Nova July Firm, bright red Good flavor Medium to large Winter hardy
Royalty Purple August High quality Good flavor Large Good hardiness
Autumn Britten Aug-Oct Under Conic red development Excellent Med/Large Winter hardiness
Jaclyn Aug-Oct Dark red Excellent sweet Large Good hardiness
JoanJ Aug-Oct High quality, conic, red Good to excellent Large Winter hardy
Heritage August Red Good Small to medium Winter hardy

Black Raspberry and Picking Schedule July 18 to July 30th

Black Raspberry Varieties Ripening Schedule Shape Flavor Size Hardiness
Jewel August Superb quality, conic Rich raspberry flavor Large Winter hardy

Blackberry and Picking Schedule August 18th to August 30th

Black Raspberry Varieties Ripening Schedule Shape Flavor Size Hardiness
Kiowa Thorny Mid-August Black conic Sweet, tart flavor Large Hardy

Blueberry Varieties and Picking Schedule July 25th to August 22nd

Blueberry Varieties Ripening Schedule Status Update Flavor Size Hardiness
Patriot July Under development Good/Excellent Large Excellent
Reka July Under development Excellent Large Good
Bluecrop July Increasing # plants Excellent Large Excellent
Blueray July Increasing # plants Excellent Large Excellent
Chandler August Under  development Excellent Very Large Excellent

Strawberry Varieties and Picking Schedule June 18th through mid-July.

Srawberry Varieties Ripening Schedule Status update Flavor Size Freezing Quality
Earliglow Jun Current Excellent Small/Medium Excellent
Cavendish Jun Current Excellent Large Excellent
Honeoye Jun-Jul Current & expanding Good Large Excellent
Chandler Jun-Jul Current Good Large Fair
Darselect Jun-Jul Current & expanding Excellent Large Good
Flavorfest Jun-July Under development Large Large Good
Jewel Jun-July Current Excellent Large Excellent
Cabot Jun-July Current & expanding Excellent Very large Good
Sparkle Jun-July Current Excellent Small/Med Excellent
Seascape Jun-Aug Current & expanding Good Large Good