Rent a Tree

NOT AVAILABLE FOR THE 2024 SEASON  – Middlefield Orchard     Rent-a-Tree Offering

Have your own supply of delicious apples to make fresh apple pies, applesauce, apple cider, dried apples, or other delicious apple products. Spend time together as a family picking apples from your very own apple tree. Dwarf trees allow the entire family to pick apples without cumbersome ladders or poles – come and enjoy nature at its best. Honeycrisp trees are $95/tree and all other apple varieties are $75/tree.

  • Fresh and delicious apples from your own ‘Rented-Apple-Tree’
  • Exclusive right to the tree’s entire apple crop
  • A wonderful family tradition to pick apples from your own tree
  • The following apple tree varieties are available for the upcoming harvest season
Pristine Zestar Gala Honeycrisp
Blondie Macoun Cortland Grand Gala
Macintosh Red Fuji Red Delicious Golden Delicious
Golden Supreme Jonagold Shazuka Crispin/Mutzu
Empire Gala Sept Wonder Fuji Braeburn
Snappy Mac Northern Spy Braestar Arkansas Black
  • Highly productive dwarf apple trees
  • The apple picking schedule is Monday through Saturday from mid-August through October from 9 am to 5 pm and visit our apple ripeness schedule. (Please be aware the orchard is closed every Sunday.)
  • The renter is responsible to harvest the apple crop
  • Middlefield Orchard will prune, fertilize, maintain, and use normal cultural practices to provide a wholesome apple crop.
  • Typically mature dwarf trees produce a bushel or more of apples. Middlefield Orchard will guarantee at least a minimum harvest of two bushels of apples unless there is a major crop failure.
  • Harvest volumes are dependent upon weather and typical growing cycles.
  • When you rent-an-apple-tree you share with us the grower the upside and downside harvest potentials of agriculture.
  • Containers are available at a nominal charge or bring your own.
  • If requested, Middlefield Orchard will harvest the crop for a nominal fee.

Please note that the 2020 Rent-a-Tree agreement differs from the info (prices) on this page. The prices on this page are correct and updated after five years not being updated. As time permits the contract page will be updated as soon as I can.

Download our Rent-a-Tree agreement here